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Is to create a drug-free generation. Our kids are worth fighting for; they deserve our unrelenting focus on helping them--and helping you help them--build a future without alcohol, tobacco or other drugs. Our vision is possible. Learn more and get involved.

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DPR supports the national marijuana policy group, Smart Approaches to Marijuana Action's (SAM Action) recent placement of a digital billboard along U.S. 75/North Central Expressway in Congressman Pete Sessions' 32nd district. The billboard acknowledges Rep. Sessions who, in his role as chair of the U.S. House Rules Committee, blocked multiple amendments related to marijuana. His efforts helped reduce the exposure of Texas children and teens to marijuana by putting additional protective measures in place.

Once again, our IMPACT Coalitions will have nine coordinated sites for this Saturday's (10/28) bi-annual prescription drug take-back event. Those locations are (please note that the Italy, Milford and Palmer sites have updated drop-off times):

News flash for parents: your kids really do care about your thoughts and opinions around alcohol and drug use. You're the ones they want to please the most--even when their actions speak otherwise!

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