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Drug Education Kits

Drug Education Kits

Drug Kits are currently on back order as we are in the process of updating the design and contents. If you are interested in ordering when they become available, please e-mail Paige at


"These outstanding Drug Education Kits have been successfully utilized by federal, state and local law enforcement agencies to train and educate young and old alike in an effort to provide a greater awareness of the dangers of the drug culture. In addition, the sales of these up-to-date and life-like replicas are used to support the mission of Drug Prevention Resources, its coalitions and partnerships throughout Texas and the entire country, to help create a drug-free generation."
- James L. Capra, DEA Chief of Operations (retired)


Our Drug Education Kits are used by organizations and individuals throughout the world to educate adults and youth about the dangers of alcohol and other drugs. With replicas of drugs and drug paraphernalia, the kit also comes with a flash drive that contains additional resources, including a Power Point presentation and detailed information about the contents. It also includes information on signs and symptoms of specific drugs and actions to take if drug use is identified. The kit is updated regularly to provide you with the most current drugs and trends.  

Drug Education Kits are in a locking carrying case with a lightweight design and is priced at $350.00 + $20.00 (shipping and handling) and applicable sales tax (8.25%). 

PLEASE NOTE: This shipping and handling costs are for USA domestic shipments only.

For international orders, please call +1 972-518-1821 or email

For more information, contact:

Kits cost $350 Each + $20 shipping/handling per piece--domestic only--and applicable sales tax of 8.25%. Please do not add tax to the shipping component.
Please send your check & proof of Tax Exemption (if applicable) after submitting this form to: Drug Prevention Resources PO Box 803486 Dallas, TX 75380
Do not add tax if your organization is Exempt.
Total cost of kit/s + 8.25% Tax if applicabe
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Terms & Conditions of purchase
On receipt of payment, allow 2 – 4 weeks for shipping.
Drug Prevention Resources (DPR) offers drug education kits for purchase for the education in organizations, communities and for individuals.
Drug Prevention Resources does not guarantee that each item within the kit represents the intended item exactly, rather it is an example of types and similar look/feel.
Drug Education Kits are not warrantied against misuse including excessive wear or handling. Please keep kits out of extreme heat and cold. Items are intended to remain inside kit behind protective cover and not be to handled.
Keep out of reach of children.
For international orders the customer will be liable for all customs & duties fees.
For Tax Exempt Status you must provide a Tax Exemption form or W-9 within 24 hours of ordering. Forms can be emailed to

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