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Do you dread the time when your child asks you a question about drugs that you can't answer? It's not easy knowing where to turn when you need answers about your child's behavior. We've simplified the process for you. This is your section for tips, resources and answers about substance use and what's going on with your teens that affects your family.

  • Resource from the Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration and U.S. Department of Education Office of Safe and Healthy Students 2017.

  • Drug Free America Foundation, Inc.'s Opioid Prevention Toolkit to know more about preventing opioid deaths

  • With this contract, parents and children/teens agree to rules around drinking and drug use.

  • You probably see and hear a lot about alcohol—from TV, movies, music, social media, and your friends. But what are the real facts? Here are some common myths and facts about alcohol use.

  • The opioid misuse and overdose crisis touches everyone in the United States. In 2016, we lost more than 115 Americans to opioid overdose deaths each day, devastating families and communities across the country. Preliminary numbers in 2017 show that this number continues to increase with more than 131 opioid overdose deaths each day. The effects of the opioid crisis are cumulative and costly for our society—an estimated $504 billion a year in 2015—placing burdens on families, workplaces, the health care system, states, and communities.

From the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids

Alcohol Effects App from SAMHSA

Alcohol’s Effects on the Brain (AlcoholFX), is a free, science-based, Reach Out Now mobile application for tablets that teaches students ages 10–12 how alcohol can harm their brains if they drink. The app is intended to easily integrate into instruction in fifth-and sixth-grade classrooms and at home. Free from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). 

Safe Kids Worldwide

This organization is dedicated to preventing injuries and death in children, believing, "There is nothing worse than a parent losing a child. Now imagine if the tragedy could have been prevented." Click here to download the Medication Safety Infographic

Campus Drug Prevention

The Drug Enforcement Administration hosts, a new website focused on preventing and addressing college substance use. This new website is DEA’s latest effort to support substance use prevention programs on college campuses and in surrounding communities.

Operation Prevention

Operation Prevention is an initiative brought to you by the DEA and Discovery Education to educate elementary, middle and high school students about the true impacts of prescription opioid misuse and heroin use. Click here to learn more about Operation Prevention.

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